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SEE Solar – South-East European Congress & Exhibition

  Dear visitors, we would like to announce the three solar events-conferences which will be held parallel where leading renewable companies will show innovative projects for solar energy, biofuels, wind and hydro energy: 1) South-East European Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 8th edition Balkan countries have an excellent solar irradiation which [...]


ANSOLE Days ( are being organized in a yearly international gathering by ANSOLE. It is a FORUM of knowledge exchange among non-experts, scientists, researchers and industrial experts, all of them are dedicated to promote the using of solar energy in particular and other forms (like off-grid PV systems and grid-tied PV systems) of renewable energies [...]

2nd Clean Tech Investing Seminar

Present your company to our audience of investors at our 2nd Clean Tech Investing Seminar on 7 – 8 December 2011 at Beaulieu Exploitation SA, Lausanne, Switzerland. If you are looking for investment and/or partnerships, don’t miss the only event with the audience of ultra high net with private investors, family offices, angel investors, VC’s [...]

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