Solar power systems

solar grid-tie system

Today’s households are traditionally linked to the local electricity distribution network. Energy is measured and delivered to customers, and accordingly that it is charged. However, modern man is showing an increasing interest towards energy independence which can reduce the inevitable cost of living. One of the main household account is an account for electricity used. Therefore, systems based on solar energy absorption (solar power conversion), should be used in homes and offices in order to preserve family and company budgets and made ​​life and business easier. Installing a solar panel or more of them in a larger grid-tied or off-grid system, in any case it saves, or better, earns money. Paradoxically, this means that your home’s roof makes income, although you are not at home.

So, a solution can surely be mounting solar panels on the roof or in the yard. Even roof photovoltaic system has the least impact on the change of environment. Many potential users of  solar power give up of the use of PV modules because its function and adventage are not clearly presented to final costumer.

Consequently, this short video clip shows the basic elements of on-grid and / or off-grid solar power systems. It’s been introduced the principle of the voltage solar system, ie. the main current flows in the local network when the consumer has installed solar panels in a home version.

Short and concise explanation of solar energy systems at homes!

Another fact that has to be noted is the PV modules are connected to an existing home network. It means every owner doesn’t need too much modification on an existing cable network, but only connects to an existing installation. The only cost of solar panels can be crucial for purchasing, but price decline provides a favorable return on investment (ROI) in the embedding photovoltaic panels.

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