Solar energy technology trends in New York

The solar technology has been available for decades in New York and it has been quite a challenge at the very beginning.

Solar system was used by Nasa back in 1960s and in many US houses after the World War II, at least some passive solar systems. Nowadays an active solar system has become a commonplace in NYC lifestyle. Sunlight is directly converted into electricity by arrays of photovoltaic cells, and this active solar technology has been very expensive and not attainable for everyone.

As a consequence of an extensive usage of traditional energy sources there are numerous requests for some other alternative energy sources. Solar panels may certainly be an appropriate response to those needs. Solar energy is not related to fossil fuels. Traditional energy sources are limited and the costs might vary, while solar energy is one of the most rapidly renewable resources. There could be some doubts about the reliability of this technology in terms of the variability of the sunlight over the day, season and year.

However, a modern, well-configured solar system may meet the highest standards in terms of constant and reliable electricity supply. Using traditional fossil fuels like coal, oil, natural gas,… has become a serious threat for the environment.

Solar panels system generates reduced negative impacts on the environment. There are a lot of benefits of residential solar power. Sunlight provides clean energy without causing a greenhouse effect. By using this advanced energy resource the electricity bills tend to be minimized. However, there are a few important aspects you should consider before deciding whether the solar power energy is suitable for your and your family’s needs.

Especially in case of moving to NYC or buying a new house, this can be a major decision. So, pay attention to the following points. Solar panels installed on your roof require specific maintenance. The equipment must be maintained clean in order to provide the maximum of energy. Every sort of dirt may significantly reduce the amount of electricity produced by the solar system. Unless you have a construction nearby, you can clean the equipment up to 4 times a year.

Other than cleaning, you should occasionally take a look at the system in order to check if everything works correctly. Take into consideration the position of the house. If you want to get major results from the solar equipment, avoid shadow-casting trees and buildings. Due to the variety of the panels, if placed in the shadow, some of them considerably reduce the output, and some completely stop the emission of the energy. So, bare in mind that the sunlight is of major importance and as long as your equipment is fully exposed to the sun, you will get really efficient results.

Before installing the solar panels, there is a way to measure the amount of solar radiation in a specific area during a specified period – insolation. This measure indicates the amount of the electricity that could be produced by the sunlight. A high insolation value indicates bigger emission of the electricity. If some areas have low insolation ratings, you will probably have to install more solar panels in order to obtain necessary output. In 1950s solar energy system was available exclusively to enormously rich people. Nowadays solar panels are more affordable comparing to that period, but still very expensive.

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