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Solar land areaHow much we need solar power from our solar panel system to obtain enough money for our electric bill? We just want to gain some money from our residential (grid-tied PV) rooftop PV modules! How much sun do we need to make a home solar power system worthwhile? In general, the more sun a home solar power system gets, the better return will be. Or how much solar panels costs? Use solar energy calculator (CoolerPlanet) to estimate the cost and size of a solar power project in the USA area, only for a rough estimate,  and federal, state, or local solar incentives / rebates may not be included. Use this solar calculator in purpose to make a quick overview of future investment. For better understand PV systems, on the site Roof Solar Panels could be found more about Solar Energy! Therefore,  first, a costumer have to obtain Zip Code information of the state, it is available on the map below:


Solar panels help to reduce a homes carbon footprint, save money and energy. Solar calculator also gives rough evaluation on how much carbon emissions solar array current electricity usage contributes to our Earth’s global warming.

When PV modules are installed, it is not just saving on a monthly electricity bill and helping the environment. It is also added security, and increased a home’s value.  Does $2000-$3000 sound like a big and lost investment? Of course, not.  Don`t worry about the installation costs. The solar panel cost is completely paid off for within 4-6 years of use.

How much is it worth to maintain power at home when the utility grid goes down during inclement weather or an emergency situation? But, before any purchasing, buyer must ask himself whether the solar panels will be lying flat on the roof or angled toward the light for maximum effect. Good decision could provide more electricity and so more money. And after that, the right solar cell technology have to be chosen, weather it will be mono-crystal, poly-crystal or thin-film.

Solar calculator estimates the investment price for solar panel installations at home or on building. The results are based upon many assumptions and the limited data which have to be entered.The calculation is quick and easy, and it will be outlined very fast.


Any contractor should determine the actual costs and benefits of installing the solar energy system! If there are any discrepancies or shown data is out of date, please notify at contact email :

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