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Singyes Solar logoChina Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Limited ( focuses on renewable energy systems is China’s leading building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) company, dedicated to solutions for green buildings. The rapid development of Chinese economy have provided Singyes Solar and the opportunity for solar power industry. Singyes Solar (main board list HKEx(code: 0750) ) has subsidiaries around the country and overseas, so our products could be easily found and purchase. For sustainable innovation we cooperate with well-known universities and research institutions in domestic and overseas.

Over 15 years experience we have specialized in system design, processing, assembling and operation of curtain wall roof tops and facades solar panels, building integrated photovoltaic/photothermal (BIPV/BIPT) a solar house. In our facilities are developed related products as well, like best solar panels, solar collectors, air source heat pumps. Our extensive experience in glass curtain wall engineering provides aesthetically and cost effective building solutions, but also helps to sell curtain wall materials and solar power products, such as solar street lamps, solar water pumping systems, solar desalination systems, solar energy storage systems combined with  solar panel / thermal module. Singyes Solar has a goal to be a leading company in renewable energy in the world market.

Highway Solar Noise Wall

Highway Solar Noise Wall

In order to reduce environmental risks we have minimized any adverse impact on the environment, so that our production does not release industrial wastes. That is why we have established an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and were awarded ISO 14001:2004 GB/T 24001-2004 Certificate of Conformity of Environmental Management System in 2005.

In Zhuhai was started six post-doctoral research stations dedicated to high-tech industrial development and research, supprted by the national post-doctoral research station committee. Singyes Solar got one of six these. The enterprise now promotes more researches and innovations.

Singyes Solar’s renewable energy building designs are supported by the Construction and Financial Department of China. We are proud that our project built in Weihai of roof solar plant, placed on 6,300 square meters and solar panels power capacity 270 kWp, replaced the 210 kWp roof solar plant of New York Stillwell underground station as the world’s largest a-Si thin-film photovoltaic roof. It consists of 45 sets of KACO Powador 4501xi grid-teid PV inverters, and the annual output energy will be more than 320,000 kWh.

China Singyes Solar Technologies

China Singyes Solar Technologies

Singyes Solar is wholly focused on the solar energy and its shares are listed in Hong Kong. It has global reach and  subsidiary holdings all around the world. Also, we can be found on the well-known website ENF – the most popular source of PV entreprise information on the internet, see here: China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Limited!

We have received the first batch of subsidies in the amount of 135 million Yuans for 20 MWp rooftop solar farm in Hunan Province, under the “2010 Golden Sun Pilot Project”. This subsidies represents 70% of total subsidies for the project:  funds are intended for purchase equipment for off-grid PV system project, with the remaining 30% be awarded upon completion of the project.

Singyes Solar Project: Spice Global Headquarters

Singyes Solar Project: Spice Global Headquarters

BIPV systems and solar power stations designed and made by Singyes Solar, involve the integration of photovoltaic technology into the architecture of structures, obtaining the best conversion of solar energy  into electricity. The electricity generated from solar panels array could be connected to the power of a building grid (on-grid or grid-connected block scheme) and the electricity generated from solar power is consumed simultaneously.

Mono and Poly solar panel features:

  • high efficiency crystalline cells: mono-crystalline PV modules from 13.04% to 14.88%, poly-crysatalline PV modules from 12.51% to 14.94%,
  • high transmission, low iron, tempered front glass,
  • antiaging EVA film and weatherable TPT back-sheet,
  • anodized Aluminum frame and water proof junction box,
  • 5-year warranty period, the power tolerance ± 3%;
  • 26-year power output warranty.

Singyes Mono and Poly Solar Panels

Singyes Mono and Poly Solar Panels

There are something new in the solar market, a combination of products into one: Photo-Thermal And Photovoltaic Composite Modules. These PV/thermal modules (Solar Panel / Thermal Collector Modul) can supply both hot water and electricity. They are composed of solar cells, solar heat collectors, transparent glass panels and thermal insulation materials. The modules have both PV and thermal collectors which solar energy transform into electricity and hot water. Now it is vary easy to design PV and photo-thermal compound system for our customers, especially in warm regions. The cooling system helps solar panels to gain higher output power (open circuit voltage is higher when the solar cell temperature is lower).

Their characteristic are as follows:

  • combination of single photo-thermal and photovoltaic modules: both PV and thermal collectors functions,
  • water-cooled technology effectively reduce the temperature of solar cells, and improve the photoelectric conversion,
  • they reduce the solar panel cost and achieve maximum utilization.

Photo-Thermal And Solar Composite ModulsPhoto-Thermal And Solar Composite Moduls

In addition, Singyes Solar provides touch screen ITO films, air-source heat pumps, rooftop and balcony flat solar thermal (it has better pressure-bearing performance and longer operation life compared with vacuum tube collector). Our air-source heat pump trademark is ”SYE”“DKE”. It is a kind of house, office, production hall equipment that obtains low grade heat from natural air in rooms. Through power acting, it generates usable high grade heat, exploiting clean energy and heatink g. Through our efforts it is made the “DKE” heat pump which is more energy saving, more efficient and more environmental protection to a broader mark. Heat pumps meet the needs of a wide range of properties, they are intended to be the sole source of home heating providing hot water or air. An air-source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, even when the outside temperature is as low as minus 15° C. They need electricity to run which is obtained by solar panels array but the heat air is constantly being renewed naturally.

Solar air-source heat pumpSolar air-source heat pump

Commercial pump features:

  • the heating temperature can reach 55oC,
  • more efficient and energy saving: 1KWH electricity have the performance equivalent of 4KWH,
  • safe and reliable: when it is heating, electricity and water is separated,
  • modular design: it can be automatic adjusted, and intelligent operated,
  • the hot water can be used to heating,
  • Household Air Source Heat Pump takes up little space and installed convenient.
  • target applications include factory dormitories, hotels, schools, hospitals, institutions, commercial and industrial buildings.

Here is a Singyes Solar promotion video to get to know us better:

Please use this contact information as follow:

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MP: +86-15819836641

Fax: +86-756-8930,810



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