SEE Solar – South-East European Congress & Exhibition


South-Еast European Exhibition and Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Dear visitors, we would like to announce the three solar events-conferences which will be held parallel where leading renewable companies will show innovative projects for solar energy, biofuels, wind and hydro energy:

1) South-East European Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 8th edition

Balkan countries have an excellent solar irradiation which makes them very interesting in investment in solar energy by today leading solar companies. The event will be held from 28 to 30 March 2012 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria, organizer is Via Expo. Parallel to this exhibition every visitor could attend the 8-th edition of the annual South-East European Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ( (download here the forum prospect ECO_EERES-2012-SEE) – 64% of its area in 2011 was covered by solar companies operating in the solar energy market. However, now the events and objects are divided, unlike to the 2011 year.

Now, the 8-th edition of EE and RE exhibition will present most up-to-date wind-, bio- and hydro energy, solutions for increasing the energy efficiency, environmental services and e-mobility It will bring together manufacturers, installers, investors, designers and consultants from all over the world. The forum is a discussion about renewable energy potentials of Balkan region, with a network platform for leading companies from South-East Europe, connected to ЕЕ, RES and Waste management. The second forum – SEE Solar forum, which will be held for the 1-st time, will present most the last news in solar PV (off-grid PV and grid-tied PV systems), as well as solar thermal systems. Likewise, at the same place it will be brought together manufacturers, designers, consultants, investors and installers, all connected with solar energy.

EERES Waste Recycling Sofia 2011South-Еast European Exhibition and Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2011

The solar industries in the last few years enter a new phase of its development, and are taking the leader role in the global industry. Here are the words from Mr. Ingmar Wilhelm, president of the European Photovoltaic Association (EPIA) “The important declining costs of solar panels, the validity of the ecological footprint and new innovative features are creating today’s good climate for investment in PV technology, … ,which is an increasingly important part of the world’s energy future” and the world’s solar energy too.

Here are some testimonials by participants from previous 7th EE & RES Exhibition: Fink Georg (Gehrlicher Solar AG, Germany) said that Bulgaria is and will be a really interesting market, which is in the beginning of solar power; Oto Gazovic (Asemid Solar, Slovakia) added the exhibition met expectations with the number of exhibitors and interest of visitors from the region. Here could be found the Post-Event-Report-2011. Solar Energy technologies program was dedicated to clean energy challenge which aims to reduce solar project costs and future FiTs in the region.

new EERES Exhibition

South-Еast European Exhibition and Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2011

Following the keynote the leading solar companies discussed the feasibility of meeting these goals and what challenges lie ahead as they move forward with deployment. Many enterprise officials were discussing what steps they see in the solar market, and are being taken to incorporate green energy into operations and the broader economy. The presentations by recognized experts were about the challenge facing solar energy and the grid, as well as transmission electricity from solar array.

SEE Solar Branches – Photovoltaic systems:

  • Solar panels: mono and poly-crystalline modules with Si solar cells, thin-film or amorphous
  • Solar and Wind Inverters
  • Cabling components
  • Mounting
  • One and two-axial tracking PV systems
  • Roof Solar Panel integrated PV systems
  • BiPV or facade-integrated PV systems
  • PV systems & hybrid systems for off-grid applications
  • Solar LED Street Lighting

EERES Congress Waste Recycling Conference Sofia 2011EERES Congress Waste Recycling Conference Sofia 2011

SEE Solar Branches – Thermal systems:

  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Solar boilers, piping and components
  • Solar cooling
  • Thermal concentration systems for solar power.

These are the advantages why to participate:

  • Connect business with world solar industry,
  • Extend market positions and increase a profit
  • Share information with competitors and partners
  • Create brand awareness.

SEE Solar Logo

2) SEE Solar – South-East European Solar Exhibition, 1st edition, from 28 to 30 March 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria. Organizer is Via Expo

The Forum will gather key players from the solar and renewables industry which will have a great opportunity to get latest updates and connect their business with the market of South-East Europe.  The excellent solar irradiation indicators on the Balkans and the interest of leading companies in the sector led to launch the SEE Solar as a parallel event to the EE & RE Exhibition.

Over 300 participants will present at both Exhibitions most up-to-date solar photovoltaic-, thermal- , bio-, wind- and hydro energy systems, electric vehicles, energy efficiency solutions, etc. Over 7 000 visitors are expected to get involved: manufacturers, installers, investors, consultants and specialists the sectors of renewables, power engineering, construction, ecology, finance, transport, etc.

High-level speakers from over 20 countries will take part in the EE & RE Congress. Among  them are experts from Euroheat & Power, World Alliance for Decentralized Energy, Deutsche Bank AG, European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources, European Council for an Energy Economy, ect. Over 300 attendees will discuss hot topics like financing projects, investment and trade opportunities, latest developments and challenges in green energy.


SAVE the Planet logo

3) “SAVE the Planet” – Waste Management & Recycling, Environment (South-East European Conference & Exhibition), 3rd edition, from 28 to 30 March 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria. Organizer is Via Expo

The event covers branches as Waste-to-energy, recycling of electrical, electronic, metal, solar PV waste, etc. Issues connected to environment today are highly prioritized in the worldwide, and also have priority for South-East Europe. The Balkan region is in need of expertise, technology products and equipment, so that was a reason why the exhibition got a name “Save the Planet”. Project ideas will have the opportunity to be presented live to all participants the latest solutions in waste management, recycling and environment. It is a time to encourage the investments and creation of public-private partnerships!

It will be offered to listen to presentations by keynote speakers, about legislation, financing, the latest information from market and their trends. Strategic Partner of the event is a group of participants from Austria. The exhibition has a jump in visits increased by 84 percent in 2011 compared to 2010.

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