Solar calculator

Solar land areaHow much we need solar power from our solar panel system to obtain enough money for our electric bill? We just want to gain some money from our residential (grid-tied PV) rooftop PV modules! How much sun do we need to make a home solar power system worthwhile? In general, the more sun a home solar power system gets, the better return will be. Or how much solar panels costs? Use solar energy calculator (CoolerPlanet) to estimate the cost and size of a solar power project in the USA area, only for a rough estimate,  and federal, state, or local solar incentives / rebates may not be included. Use this solar calculator in purpose to make a quick overview of future investment. For better understand PV systems, on the site Roof Solar Panels could be found more about Solar Energy! Therefore,  first, a costumer have to obtain Zip Code information of the state, it is available on the map below:

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Enphase Energy Microinverter

Enphase Energy logoEnphase Energy Inc. (“Enphase”) ( is a privately-held enterprise based in Northern California (founded in 2006), led by experts in telecommunication, networking, software and solar products, and supported by leaders from throughout the solar power industry. Enphase Energy delivers solar power to homes and businesses with the microinverter system based on high-tech approach, making solar energy more productive, more reliable, and smarter.

As a pioneer of inverter technologies for the solar industry, we make solar simple and energy smart systems, creating a zero energy footprint. By combining solar energy with advantages of communications technology, all our products make solar power systems productive, reliable, smart and safe. That maens the energy harvest is increased by solar panels by up to 25 percent (technology improves the efficiency of solar cells arranged in modules). Solar microinverters are small devices that sit on a PV module, converting direct current, DC, from a solar panel into alternating, AC, current.

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ANSOLE Days ( are being organized in a yearly international gathering by ANSOLE. It is a FORUM of knowledge exchange among non-experts, scientists, researchers and industrial experts, all of them are dedicated to promote the using of solar energy in particular and other forms (like off-grid PV systems and grid-tied PV systems) of renewable energies in Africa. Energy is an acute problem in Africa, so there is need to preserve and protect the environment. Therefore, the first ANSOLE DAYS 2012 with the topic “Solar Energy for Sustainable Development” will be held in Yaoundé (the administrative capital of Cameroon), from the 17th to the 19th of February 2012. The meeting will consist of fundamental sessions on various forms of solar energy conversation, oral and poster presentations of research results, presentations of networks in green energies and environmental protection, brain-storming round table discussions. African solar energy researchers are suitable for interdisciplinary interactions among african scientists, the only way to get out of the energy crisis, and our colleagues from abroad are going to support us and help in making better future for Africa.

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Singyes Solar

Singyes Solar logoChina Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Limited ( focuses on renewable energy systems is China’s leading building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) company, dedicated to solutions for green buildings. The rapid development of Chinese economy have provided Singyes Solar and the opportunity for solar power industry. Singyes Solar (main board list HKEx(code: 0750) ) has subsidiaries around the country and overseas, so our products could be easily found and purchase. For sustainable innovation we cooperate with well-known universities and research institutions in domestic and overseas.

Over 15 years experience we have specialized in system design, processing, assembling and operation of curtain wall roof tops and facades solar panels, building integrated photovoltaic/photothermal (BIPV/BIPT) a solar house. In our facilities are developed related products as well, like best solar panels, solar collectors, air source heat pumps. Our extensive experience in glass curtain wall engineering provides aesthetically and cost effective building solutions, but also helps to sell curtain wall materials and solar power products, such as solar street lamps, solar water pumping systems, solar desalination systems, solar energy storage systems combined with  solar panel / thermal module. Singyes Solar has a goal to be a leading company in renewable energy in the world market.

Highway Solar Noise Wall

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We, ECSOLAR are solar panel manufacturer with annual capacity 400MW (150 MW solar cell and 250 MW solar module), crystalline silicon solar panel covers from 185Wp to 305Wp. Mono and poly crystalline Si PV modules are available and are certified by CE IEC TUV MCS and CEC. Our modules with 10 years product warranty and a performance of 90% of power output for the first 10 years of the module life and 80% for 25 years, have got big popularity from Europe Union and Australia for years. Our products enjoy a ready market in Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. 30MW output volume per month and 2 bonded warehouses in Rotterdam and in Hamburg could keep our dealers getting goods timely and conveniently. For our collaborators, we can offer you very competitive price and good quality items. For more details, you can have a visit to our website and download the literature.

ECSOLAR manufacures silicon solar cells and solar panels, as well as innovation, with high efficient conversion solar energy into electricity. Our goal is to take responsibility for our customers and make world green. From the beginning, we have been providing high-quality PV modules for homes (like off-grid PV and grid-tied PV systems), factories and public utilities worldwide.

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Solar Energy Applications

Solar Decathlon Universität Darmstadt(In the photo is Solar Decathlon Universität Darmstadt) Modern society shows a development trend and an increasing consumption. This makes the cost of living to change. The equivalent price of a pleasant life is the energy consumed per capita. It is a statistical parameter showing quality of life through the consumed energy that a country uses for its assessment during the year. Therefore, a direct connection to the average amount of energy consumed and the quality of life in a country (community). Most developed societies consume the most energy, while the least poor. And very important is that consumption is increasing year by year. Some strategists say that until the 2040th energy consumption will increase by 300%.

This data may alert us as we are on the threshold, or have already entered the so-called “peak oil” – the maximum of production of oil. On the other hand, confidence in nuclear power is declining. Therefore, it is being spoken the energy crisis is approaching! Until we develop a reliable process for nuclear electricity generation, the solution is seen in alternative fuel sources – development of the renewable energy. There are certainly a leading sources of solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, biofuels, waste treatment, geothermal energy, etc.. For that reason many efforts have been made in developing plants that will produce electricity from the listed energy sources.
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2nd Clean Tech Investing Seminar

Clean Tech Logo

Present your company to our audience of investors at our 2nd Clean Tech Investing Seminar on 7 – 8 December 2011 at Beaulieu Exploitation SA, Lausanne, Switzerland. If you are looking for investment and/or partnerships, don’t miss the only event with the audience of ultra high net with private investors, family offices, angel investors, VC’s and corporate investors. The event will provide significant networking opportunities where relationships are forged and deals are made at pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings.

I am interested in seeing whether you would like to present at the meeting in December 2011with around 150 delegates. Delegates are from the main investor groups, namely:

  • Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices,
  • Investment Funds, VC’s and Private Equity Firms,
  • Corporate Investors,
  • Angel Investors.

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Hareon Solar

hareon solar logo

Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. ( is one of the largest silicon solar cell production company in China, foundated in 2004. Hareon Solar has is specialized in producing mono silicon stick/multi cast ingots, and wafer cutting for the photovoltaic industry. We have three wholly-owned subsidiaries are specialized in producing solar cells and solar panels. There is in our facilities a complete photovoltaic chain with integrated production of silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells and solar panels. Hareon’s customers and suppliers are around the world, that is a sign for good relationships with them. The stable and sustainable supply relationship makes it possible for Hareon Solar to make tremendous contributions to the global undertaking of the solar energy. We have been improving photovoltaic power devices and promote extensive application of solar energy worldwide.

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Beijing EPSOLAR Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a high-tech company specialized in power products such as solar charge controller, off- grid inverter, grid-tied or on-grid inverter, LED driver and special power units, etc., for solar power systems. Our researching, manufacturing and marketing facilities are in Beijing, China. Our inverters have ISO9001 – 2008, and all our products have passed CGC-SOLAR and CE certification. This is a result of team well–experienced and dedicated engineers in solar photovoltaic (solar panel) field, our design and technology can provide customers the best quality.

Over 20 years of design experience in the solar industry (manufacturing, commissioning and testing equipment), our professional team of experts develop a superior and high-quality products for all kinds of solar panel applications by integrating their rich and practical experience with advanced technologies.

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SunGen International

sungen logo

We at SUNGEN ( would like to introduce our company Sungen International Ltd, a  part of the Anwell Group, Headquartered in Hong Kong with PV module production facility in Henan, China, for 250 MW Thin-film (a-Si single junction solar cell)  and 150 MW (Crystalline) solar panels. We offer highly competitive rates for 3Wp to 100Wp Thin-Film and poly-crystalline 3Wp to 300Wp solar panels. Our PV modules are TUV and IEC certified.

SUNGEN has regional offices in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia which provide after-sales services for a customer support.

Schweinfurt solar power plantSchweinfurt solar power plant

SUNGEN develops and manufactures photovoltaic system (c-Si and a-Si solar cells technology) poised to meet the solar power needs of the global solar energy market. Our products include a new generation of thin-film amorphous silicon PV modules and the traditional mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon solar cells and solar panels.

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