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Nextech invertersGlobal climate change (green house effects) and fast depletion of natural sources, especially world oil reserves, make conventional power generating unacceptable to humanity. Many companies have invested in develop of exploitation methods of alternative fuels (renewable energy: sunlight, wind, tides, plant growth, and geothermal heat). Wind and solar energy, have not been really tapped to their full potential until recently. With advances in technology and the need to go green, the production capacity has increased bringing more companies to look at renewable energy as a source for raising their capital.

Aurora invertersAurora Inverters

Here we take immense pleasure to inform you that Nextech ( is the leading distributor for Power-One Renewable Energy Products. Power-One is the second largest manufacturer of solar power inverters globally, with manufacturing centers in Arizona, Canada and Europe. The Power-One Aurora brand of renewable energy, especially the new one micro-inverter is very suitable for all kinds of solar panels.Their products include Solar, Wind & Aurora Vision Monitoring with Indoor & Outdoor Models. The company offers the full range of solar and wind products from small residential units up to large utility-grade units (like solar power plants). Leveraging on our supply chain management and our expertise in the power supplies industry, NEXTECH will provide “turn-key” solutions and products to its’ customers.

Power One inverters

Aurora brand of Renewable Energy Power Inverters offer best –in-class performance & reliability. The Power-One Aurora brand of solar energy and wind power inverters offer best-in-class performance and reliability along with a global customer care package.

The Renewable Energy products also includes Off Grid Inverters, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Stand Alone Power Systems, Grid Connect or Grid-tied Kits, Off-grid Kits, Inverters 150W – 1000W, Inverters 1300W – 3000W, Inverters 3500W & above, Inverter/Chargers 1500W – 2500W, Regulators, Battery Chargers, Wind Turbine Accessories, Tap Timer For Rain Water Tank.

Aurora Plus Solar Power InverterAurora Plus

Nextech has been an authorized distributor in India for more than 10 years serving industries such as Telecom, Industrial, Automotive, Defence, Railways, Medical and Aerospace. We have an excellent Sales & Tech support in PAN India with its own offices along with highly experienced SCM team located both in India & Hong Kong. Our sole aim is to provide exquisite & superior quality products to our customer with competitive prices & short lead times. We request you to kindly register our company in your vendor’s database for your present and future requirements.

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We look forward to the opportunity of long term and fruitful association with your company!


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