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Letect Solar LogoLetect Solar Industry Co.,Ltd (http://www.letectsolar.com/) is a leading manufacturer in China (CIXI, Ningbo, Zhejiang) with a wide range of  solar energy products, as well as the trade company of our solar LED lighting and other gifts. In our facilities are produced very practical and useful goods, here are some of them: solar indoor and outdoor lamps, solar camping lantern, solar led lighting: solar garden light, solar lawn light, and little solar gifts. We warmly welcome customers worldwide to establish long-term business cooperation. Letect Solar offers the newest and best quality solar products at very affordable prices, together with the satisfying sales service based on the mutual benefits and advantages. Letect Solar responds to the all society by with high quality, high efficiency, power saving using solar energy and environmental protection product and service. Here is a Catalogue of our products!

Our factory (Cixi Dongguan Mold Factory), established in 2002, is located in area with developed economics. The production facility has 200 employees which include twelve experts committed to providing our customers with high quality solar lighting systems and engaged in a design of mold and solar powered  lights. Letect Solar company has own moulding capability and manufacturing, therefore the factory could respond to any request in costumer demand from design to mould production. Many products use a solar panel in power size from 0.3Wp (in this case is better said solar cell) to some tens Wp. The factory is also capable of producing integrated system of solar energy boards-modules with the maximum power of 10.000 Wp.

Solar Camping LanternsSolar Camping Lanterns LSL-808 and LCL-SH602

Since establishment Letect Solar has devoted to keep a focus on the green environmental protection and green energy concep. In near future the energy will become much short so that’s why our products: solar power lamp, such as lawn lamp, camping lamp, water lamp, stone lamp, emergency lamp and yard lamp etc, have been favored all around the world, in Europe, America, Middle East and India.

Our Solar lanterns could be useful in several ways as part of a landscaping design. Here is a short overview to understand how they can help in use. They convert sunlight into electricity during a day by solar cells or solar panel (depends on power needs) and store that electricity in a NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) rechargeable battery. After in dark a LED lamp emits the light.

Here are some features for Solar Camping Lantern LSL-808:

  • solar panel 9W,
  • battery capacity 6V 3.2Ah, rechargeable by solar power or utility net, long lifespan, 1000 times recharging,
  • light is a super bright LED 1Watt, reachs to 90LM
  • 4 optionals of brightness (high level, medium, low and bed light level),
  • with mobile phone charger optional,
  • LED battery capacity indicator,
  • overcharge, over discharge protection,
  • working time: High 5 h, Medium 8 h, Low 16 h, Bed light 80 h.

Solar emergency lightSolar emergency lights EL86-24S and EL268L-S

Solar lantern collects less electric energy on a cloudy day then usual. Solar panel or solar cells are suitable to adsorb UV rays and even in cloudy weather the energy can be collected. However, the best characteristics are when there is direct sunlight. The only time the solar charging system is no active is when there is a night or in dark room.

A LED produces less light than any light bulb so it contains more than one diode. While the NiMH battery is replaceable the LED is not, but their lifetime period is over 25 years. The LED gives a different kind of light than its incandescent or fluorescent equivalents, and it is more intense with different dispersion angle.

Features for Solar Emergency Light EL86-24S:

  • 24LED,
  • solar power and electric rechargeable battery (6V seal lead-acid, 4Ah/3.2Ah),
  • wall mounted button,
  • full charg approx.12 h,
  • size is 10.5*8*39cm,
  • solar panel 36*24*19cm/12pcs
  • weights are: Lamp19/17kg PV modul 8/6kg.

solar bike light Solar Flashlight Solar GiftSolar bike light, Solar flashlight, Solar gift respectively

The Solar flash-light gives bright results, and in size it’s not too big or too small. It generates renewable energy from sun or room light and stores it for later use. The better choice for a path/walkway may require a brighter lantern, so our products have three LED’s per fixture, making them cost-efficient and easy to install. These flashlights are quite acceptable in their prices.

Street lights based on a new LED technology are well-designed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of it, even more they could be powered with green energy (solar energy). We offer a wide variety of solar lighting configurations and styles to meet every costumer specific needs. For various environmental conditions the installation will be adjusted to requirements. Solar Street Lights are well-designed to optimally deliver illuminance to large areas below by the highest efficient diodes. These are used for commercial quality lighting systems, residential streets, parking lots and security lighting using high quality of solar systems. Our LEDs are used in many large corporations.

Solar Street LightSolar Street Light

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