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global us solarGlobal US Solar ( can supply solar panels (or PV modules) your company worldwide consisted of best solar cells. Bankable or not…Global US Solar offers Solar Energy systems to businesses, non profit organizations, govt. agencies, schools, churches etc. nationwide in select States, Cities and municipalities at ‘NO COST‘ using our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA –  is a long-term contract between SolarPower Providers and your organization by which we will serve as your renewable energy provider)!



Solar 1 MW –5 MW- CSP-25-50 -100 MW Project’s Consultancy Services

CDM – Green Energy – Power Generation Biomass Plant Solutions:

•           Project Site  Technical Evaluation,

•           Pre -Feasibility Techno-Economic Reports

•           Solar Plant solution in PV, CSP (Thermal), CPV Technology, Products, Platforms.

•           Biomass Gasification Plants  Equipments, Controlling- Monitoring Solutions

•           Turnkey PV ,CSP, CPV Installation and Engineering  from  Spain, Italy

•           International technology expertise in Plant Infrastructure from 10KW to 150MW , Solar Tracking Systems.

•           Inverters. Solar Panel Mounting systems.

•           CSP Molten salt 6 -12 hrs Heat Storing two tank systems (Thermal  Heat storage Technology  Solutions)

•           BIOMASS, Gasification systems CHP.

Solar Panel KyoceraSolar Panel Kyocera

We provide project promoter’s tailor made   engineering   designing and “Turnkey   solutions” for   Solar   PV (both off-grid and grid-tied systems) , CSP, CPV Technology projects.  Plant Integration, Installation, until   Inject to Grid by International Engineering services from   Spain, Italy, China, USA,  Assisting  in  EPCM / EPC consultancy services to meet project and PLF /CUF performance   objectives.

Providing   in-depth knowledge based cost effective PPA solutions for the upcoming solar projects, in    MNRE, JNNSM, and IREDA project procedures.


India, Global US Solar (USA)

India Technical Consultant Services, PROGETTI (Italy)

Hyderabad, India

Contact us at email:

Mobile: + 91 9394882815.  Skype: solartres

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  1. Sebastian Lucoqui says:

    Dear Sir and Madam,

    I am an Angolan business man, and have got a company in Angola called
    Mundosolar, Lda deal with solar-PV(renewable energy)

    I am looking for photovoltaic equipment suppliers(Modules, controlers, inverters, mountingstructures)for Angolan Market with cost commutative supplers.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Wth best regards,

    Sebastiao Lucoqui
    Marketing Manager

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