From solar cars to solar taxi

A solar car is a type of solar vehicle. Solar cars are not average cars because they are making their necessary energy with the solar cells on the machinery. The importance of a solar car is in economic and environmental issues.

There are many environmental benefits and advantages of solar powered cars. Solar energy can be the largest source of electricity in the future because we need to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy. It became necessary to use this type of car in order to save the planet Earth. It’s important to cut down our usage of fossil fuels and turn to renewable sources of energy.

Although, there are many advantages of solar powered cars, there are also disadvantages of this type of vehicle. Let’s see if there is a chance for solar cars to become a product of a mass use.

Advantages of solar cars

A solar car is powered by sun energy that is converted into electric energy for the running of the car. Solar cars also have a motor, steering wheel, brakes and other parts of a regular car, but solar energy is unusual in the automotive industry, and that makes solar cars unusual in our world of air pollution. Introduction of harmful and toxic materials into Earth’s atmosphere affect people and all animals and plants.

Not only that solar car saves air from pollution, but also reduces noise pollution. Noise pollution often harms the human or animal life, especially in cities. The noise is caused mainly by the automotive industry, machines and transportation systems and other types of vehicles (taxi cars). On the other side, solar cars are very quiet. They run noiselessly and don’t produce harmful noise, so there is no noise disturbance with solar cars. Driving a car that makes no noise is wonderful experience.

A solar car doesn’t need gasoline. Because of that, this type of car is eco-friendly and also easy on your pocket so it’s very appropriate for low-budget people. Solar cars do not require any expense for running. Gasoline definitely isn’t cheap fuel. The average price of gasoline around the world is 1.23 Eur per liter in Vienna for example. However, there is an important difference in these prices among countries due to the various taxes for gasoline. You always have to calculate when you have a fuel-driven cars, but solar car rely on solar power.

It’s a really interesting fact that solar car requires low maintenance. It can last for years without any expensive modifications and upkeep. The solar cars are designed to be low maintenance and can be easily maintained for decades with regular cleaning of the solar panels. When you compare that with trouble of maintaining a regular car on a daily basis, it’s far less complicated and far less expensive. A solar car has a few moving parts, and logically, service requirements are less than for normal cars.

Disadvantages of solar cars

Even though there are many advantages of driving solar car, a few disadvantages can make you think twice before buying this type of car. You don’t need gasoline for driving solar cars, but the sun must be shining. They use sunlight for fuel and although sunlight is free and gasoline isn’t, you are dependent on energy of the sun.  If it is dark for a long period of time, the car battery will not charge. That can be a big problem and also the main reason to get more information about solar cars.

Solar cars can be budget-friendly if we take their power and simplicity in consideration. But solar cars are not very popular yet, they are rare and still expensive, even more expensive than a regular fuel-driven cars. Parts used in solar cars are different from the normal car parts and they are not produced in large number so they are also expensive.

The big problem with solar powered cars is their speed. Solar cars don’t have the regular car speed or power. That makes them difficult for driving, even on a daily basis when you are not in such a hurry. Navigating solar car can be nerve-racking, even for experienced drivers. You need to be really patient with the mechanism of the solar car.

All in all, solar car is a great invention, but there is still a room for improvement. It’s important to think about the future of this planet and every environmentally-friendly device counts.

Sonja Todorović,


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