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Frakus Consultancy VOF is a company, founded in the Belgium, which can offer you to buy various shovel-ready solar plant projects. We are specialized in the energy industry, offering investment in small and medium green energy production projects (for instance solar panel plants, wind farms, biomass) across Europe – operates as an international project developer in the renewable energy sector in various countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, South-Africa, …

By leveraging the technical and the financial knowledge of our team, we manage to stay on the forefront of the energy industry’s trends, drivers and developments. Over the years we have established and also positioned ourselves as a premier partner in every energy sector, serving public and private companies, and we empower customers to understand the energy sector in a new light. Frakus Consultancy is committed to being a premier energy project developer of start-ups of the power plant units, and to conducting our business in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The demand for the green energy has increased steadily, as well as the economic benefit, and also renewable energy servicing to the society. With us it is easy to maximize savings and ROI, as well as minimizing problems and eliminating risks. Frakus Consultancy’s the most experienced employers are committed to excellence in every aspect of offered services:

solar plantsSolar Panel Plant

  • Project development (Frakus Consultancy is working on a diversified green portfolio, using proven technologies such as solar, biomass & wind),
  • Project funding (it will be always searched for the flexible and more efficient way to fund projects. Frakus Consultancy could provide the start-up capital and loan by specialized financial institutions or banks.),
  • Project management (after the project has been constructed, Frakus Consultancy, if it is necessary, also take care of the daily management of the renewable power project),
  • Optimizing sale of the produced green energy (drafting contracts for the sale of renewable energy and certificates where Frakus Consultancy has strong experience in associated regulations.).

Green energy is energy which comes from natural resources and which will contribute to the sustainable growth. Humankind should increase usage of renewable sources such as sunlight (solar energy), wind, geothermal heat, rain, tides. New renewables are growing very rapidly, generating today around 19% of global electricity. That is why we in Frakus Consultancy helps our customers to obtain diversified green portfolio, and use cogeneration, solar, biomass, and wind as proven technologies. Every green project is took place under communicating with local developers and / or external specialized companies. Projects at different life stages are welcome in Frakus Consultancy’s portfolio. Frakus Consultancy helps in all kinds of investments in small and medium green projects.

Our experts assist project developers to start up production units, and to optimize the final price. We can also support (based on strong experience in this field and the associated regulations) the sale of renewable energy and the obtaining of necessary certificates, if these are required for the success of the investment. When it is needed, we negotiate the best contracts with third parties. Our forecast says that increasingly important issue in the future will be the subsidies. While the subsidies for the solar power, wind energy, biomass and the like are expected to be reduced, the energy price continues to rise every month. These days it is very actual reducing subsidies and their fast disappearance has been predicted. So, it is time to optimize the electricity output which will be the critical factor influencing the project’s success.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Frank Kusters

Mobile: +32(0)477/974033

Frakus Consultancy VOF

Schutterslaan 6

(B) 3670 Meeuwen-Gruitrode


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