Beijing EPSOLAR Technology Co., Ltd. (www.epsolarpv.com) is a high-tech company specialized in power products such as solar charge controller, off- grid inverter, grid-tied or on-grid inverter, LED driver and special power units, etc., for solar power systems. Our researching, manufacturing and marketing facilities are in Beijing, China. Our inverters have ISO9001 – 2008, and all our products have passed CGC-SOLAR and CE certification. This is a result of team well–experienced and dedicated engineers in solar photovoltaic (solar panel) field, our design and technology can provide customers the best quality.

Over 20 years of design experience in the solar industry (manufacturing, commissioning and testing equipment), our professional team of experts develop a superior and high-quality products for all kinds of solar panel applications by integrating their rich and practical experience with advanced technologies.

LandStar solar charge controllersLandStar solar charge controllers (http://www.epsolarpv.com/c21544/c24939.asp)

EPSOLAR products are used in China and sold in more than 100 other countries. Solar charge controllers, Invaerters (for off-grid or grid-tied systems), LED drivers (AC and DC) have been extensively applied and highly appraised in a number of major projects worldwide. EPSOLAR has been well known at domestic and international markets for our superior products and perfect services in solar systems.

LandStar solar charge controller is very suitable for solar system, such as solar home system, solar garden lights, solar traffic system, solar CCTV system, solar street light, garden light, billboard, insect light, etc.

EPSOLAR Advantages:

  • Sophisticated R&D has over 20 years research experience’s and works in close collaboration with Beihang University,
  • Professional technical and service team,
  • Using world top class electronic components; all the components are industrial grade,
  • High quality products with reasonable price; the failure rate is less than 2 per1000 pcs,
  • Practical application in more than 120 countries
  • Expected 10 years lifetime,
  • 2 years warranty.

APSolar street lights

EPSOLAR Applications (http://www.epsolarpv.com/c21548/default.asp): Street lights powerd by solar panels

As solar panels produce direct current (DC) that is then transformed into alternating current (AC) by an inverter. Most appliances are powerd by AC, so most systems have to use an inverter (or more than one). Some systems have a few loads that use DC, as well as the AC loads. And some systems are strictly DC and do not require an inverter. DC systems require special lighting, cables, appliances and equipment. Every our charge controller & inverter has very sophisticated technical features! See the text below what are they and their explanations:

1) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) means to achieve constant voltage battery charging by switching the solar panels system. PWM regulation do the current from the PV array tapers according to the battery’s condition and recharging needs, and can greatly increase the lifetime of battery bank.

2) LVD function for solar charge controllers prevents low battery voltage from destroying the battery, the unit can be used to disconnect the load when it’s out of charge to prevent damaging it. Normal operation resumes immediately after PV charge controller recived some charge from solar panels.

LED drivers

LED drivers, DC and AC, respectively

3) Temperature compensation is an ability of the solar charge controllers to follow a battery capacity (stored charge varies with temperature). For optimum battery performance the charge controller needs to adjust its output voltage control to correspond to the needs of the battery as the temperature changes. A standard temperature co-efficient used by our charge controller is -5mv/ Deg C/cell.

APSOLAR has product Tracer as a solar charge controller (ideal for solar lighting system with two lamps that needs different timer setting) with MPPT technology: the TRACER utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to extract maximum power from the solar panel. The tracking algorithm is fully automatic and does not require user adjustment, tracking the array maximum power point voltage (Vmp) as it varies with weather conditions, ensuring that maximum power is harvested from the array through the course of the day. Here can download  EPSOLAR2011SolarChargeCatalogue!

Solar power stations

EPSOLAR Applications: Solar power station

Please, be free to contact us:

Tel: +86-10-82894528

Address:No.512 Changping Road,Dingfuhuangzhuang,

HuilongguanTown,Changping District,Beijing, China. 102206

Email: lisa@epsolarpv.com

Epsolar leads you one step ahead to the future. Let’s walk together, and make the world better!

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