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Zhejiang Eifesun Energy Technology Co. (http://www.eifesun.com/) is mainly engaged in design, R&D, manufacture and sales of grid-tied solar and wind inverter and other renewable energy equipment, such as combiner box, monitoring and network equipments.
Eifesun also carry out the consultation, design, contract, implementation, maintenance of solar energy generation project and so on. During less than 3 years, we achieved goal of convert efficiency of our inverter to 98.7%. In a word, Eifesun can help deliver a full solution for today’s solar PV opportunity , that is from solar panel to grid.

solar power inverter

Middle solar power inverter

The company has already got ISO 9001:2008 ,ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18001 certificate. The inverter is CE,TUV,Golden Sun certified which is designed at each module level, making it compatible with all kind of solar panels system, thus enhance the production efficiency and to the best of market demand.

The main strength are 27 experts in R&D team, 70% of whom hold doctorate and masters degree and teamed up with the celebrities in PV industry to be our technical consultants. Applied optimized topology structure and control method, Eifesun’s inverter has realized the convert efficiency to 98.7%, which made us one of the manufacture leaders in China who have achieved this goal. And most importantly, the power size of our inverters ranges from 1kW to 500kW (for wind and solar power plants), you never need to turn to other suppliers once you know Eifesun.

PV Grid-connected InverterSolar panel grid-connected system Inverter

Most of our components are sourced from the world first class brand, such as Infenion, Epocos, Pheonix,ABB and each production process and QC process is strictly under control, which ensure the product performance and stability effectively. Our annual sales volume has been 50 million, and the growth ratio is 35% annually.

We take pride in having all of our products thoroughly tested, ensuring that they meet both safety and reliability standards. With complete set of test equipments we can help you test the machine in a “real world” to save time and money without taking samples home for trial. Our work and production environment is really enjoyable, so you should believe we can make good product in such good condition.

Full-Power Wind Turbine ConverterFull-Power Wind Turbine Converter

Do you want to go “solar power” and wind power” generation, and start producing your own clean, cheap, renewable power straight from nature? Solar energy and winds are everywhere, so you just need to “catch” them. Your decision makers can fully count on Eifesun, just start here. For further product information visit us at www.eifesun.com/product.

Our contacts are:

Building G, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Gaoyi Road, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Tel: 0086-0577-86588680

Email: efei@eifesun.com

Let rays of Sun shine on our way!


Best regards from China!

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