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DSM LOGODSM China Technology Co., Ltd. (www.cndsm.com) is a company dedicated to Demand Response Solutions and AMR/AMI Management System, here in China and worldwide. Our headquarters and main production facilities (on 8000 m2) are located in Shenzhen China. DSM is a provider for applying wireless communication products such as GPRS, SMS, CDMA1X, CSD, which makes us a recommended solution partner by the National Grid projects (transformation and construction). Every product was designed by DSM’s R&D engineers who are supported with supervision of experienced technicians, and was made by more than 300 workers. It has spent many years in developing and producing high DSM electrical power metering technology. All our power metering products are effective and have a rapid deployment in all kinds of power systems, such as electricity grid for household, solar power grid, wind and hydro systems, etc. Therefore, the power meters are very suitable for today’s off-grid PV and grid-tied PV systems.

Here is a list of our products:

  • Electronic Energy Meters,
  • Power Load Remote Monitoring systems,
  • Power Monitor Socket Meters,
  • AMR/AMI Management Systems (Water, Electric, Gas),
  • Electric Power DSM Terminals.

DSM China develops and focuses on monitoring and managing the Smart energy for the last 10 years and cooperates with many inland and oversea customers. Our customer works with us to be the leader of the smart energy market in their countries. These days solar energy has become very popular, so we prepared many useful meters, see below.

CertificatesQualification- Our products certification

DSM China’s management is dedicated to providing every customer the best solution for the customer’s request. Our motto is “Innovation, responsibility, and integrity”, which leads the enterprise to meet the highest standards. The first-class and high-tech manufacturing, as well as sophisticated production equipment, helped DSM China to gain CE Certificate, but also the others, see the figure above.

With our products, you will have following advantages:

1. Simple and stable communication, very useful in renewable applications (such as solar panel arrays, mini wind farm, etc.)

2. Wireless between the house and main station,

3. Remote reading meter without any people,

4. Not distance limited any more,

5. Prepaid function.

DSM China AMR (automatic meter reading) Systems are:

  • Wireless (470MHz-510MHz radio-wave communication channel with dynamic optimization algorithm and wave adopting feature, convenient and easy calibration & installation, applicable to shops, households and industry, as well as for solar energy systems, wind energy applications, and so on),
  • PLC (communication through the low-voltage power line boosted by 3-level relay depth, for residential requirements),
  • RS485 (communication through the shielded twisted-pair, environmentally friendly, low cost).

Wireless AMR SolutionAutomatic Meter Reading Scheme

One collector could get information from 32 units of single phase meter, and then one concentrator might connect 50 units of collector. The main features for these three ways of meter reading are RS485 communication collects data. The data are transmitted via GPRS/CDMA communication to AMR Software.

Obtained functions are: Remote meter’s reading, distribution monitoring and management. Application analysis:

1. Real-time analysis of line loss and distributed power,

2. Report function,

3. Preventing from stealing electricity with alarm function,

4. Software portal service with personalized option,

5. Data interface.

The second products which could be useful in every solar panel systems are DSM China’s electronic energy meters: Prepayment units, Single-phase meters, and Three-phase meters.

Keypad, Single-phase, Three-phase Prepayment Energy MeterKeypad, Single-phase, Three-phase Prepayment Energy Meter

They are the ideal devices for accomplishing repayment and load control from overcapacity, as well as overcoming the usual difficulty in collecting electric energy. Moreover, prepayment meters have their own classification: keypad, single-phase, and three-phase energy meter. The keypad meter is used as bi-directional active energy measurement, with reverse energy accumulated to positive energy.

First product from this set is the Keypad AMR, which features are: Converted solar energy measurement by active bidirectional communication (reverse electrical power accumulated to positive power where the credit aggregates to remaining credit) by STS encryption protocol (Standard Transfer Specification), warning indication to remind a user to purchase more credit when the energy credit crosses 20kWh, the limit of energy credit 1,000,000.00kWh, LCD indicates remaining credit. The second stuff of this product set is Single-fase prepayment energy meter with the main characteristics: active energy metering on a LED/LCD screen without any calibration, IC card (unique card for each user) for prepay expenses and with function of cut off power delivering, alarm, peak load control “mechanism”, 10-year memory period, low power consumption. And the third product is Three-phase prepayment energy meter which characteristics are the same as the Single-fase meter.

DSM China Single-phase Electronic MetersDSM China Single-phase Electronic Meters

DSM China Single-phase Electronic Meter is a device that measures the amount of electric charge consumed or delivered by renewable energy sources, such as solar power sources, wind farms, hydro-power systems and biofuels. Generally speaking electricity meters are typically calibrated in a kilowatt hour (billing units). Every grid-tied solar energy system needs to be connected as the terminal to the utility grid via this device, which allows us to measure the produced electricity accurately and then sell it. All these meters might be easily incorporated into AMS systems. One of these products is suitable for green energy applications, and that is DDS-DSM17 (the third in the picture above), excellent unit for wind and photovoltaic solutions.

DSM China DDS-DSM17 technical specifications:

  • SMT technology for large scale integrated circuit,
  • ANSI Standard,
  • Bi-directional metering with pulse output,
  • Anti-tamper protection,
  • Protective class II,
  • Direct connection,
  • RS485 and optical communication.

DSM China DDS-DSM17 technical parameters:

  • Input/output voltage: 120V and 240V
  • Input/output current: 10(60) A and 15(100) A
  • Frequencies are: 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Start current: 0.4%Ib
  • Power consumption: < 1W,
  • Humidity:  less than 85%
  • Working Temperature: 10oC to 60oC
  • LCD display.

Three-Phase Energy MetersThree-Phase Energy Meters

3-Phase Energy Meters are fully functional three-phase electric charge meters, which come populated with devices for 3x100V (three wire), 3×57.7/100V (four wire) and 3×220/380V (four wire), as well as for the current range from 3×1.5(6)A to 3×50(100)A. These products are easy to use, command driven, and offer active energy register for the long-term power calculation. Their installed communications allow for meters evaluation and calibration, and comply with national related technical standard for all requirements of 3-phase meters. Every grid-tied solar-energy systems, opposite to off-grid solar panel arrays need to be connected as the terminal to the utility grid. All these meters might be easily incorporated into AMS systems.

One of these products is suitable for green energy applications, and that is DSSD/DTSD-DSM22 (the third in the picture above), excellent unit for wind and photovoltaic solutions. Owner has a real-time overview (current frequency of A, B, C phase) of power and power loss, current and power loss, voltage and voltage loss, voltage pass rate, alarm. This Kilowatt Hour Meter is widely utilized in solar power plants, wind farms, and so on. Its main characteristics are a bi-directional active and in four quadrants reactive energy measurement in TOU, as well as a possibility of 4 tariffs, 10 daytime tables, 4 time zones, programmable 12 days, one infrared and two RS485 ports.

DSSD/DTSD-DSM22 technical specifications:

  • Accuracy class: 0.5S (active); 0.5; 1.0; 2.0 (reactive)
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Voltage: 3*7.7V/100V, 3x220V/380V (4 wire); 3x100V(3 wire)
  • Current: 1.5(6)A; 3(6)A; 5(20)A; 10(40) A, 15(60)A; 20(80) A, 30(100) A
  • Two ports for commtmieation: 485 (1) port: 1200bps-960bps; 485 (2) port: 1200bps
  • Clock accuracy ≤0.5S (23℃); battery capacity 1200mAh which means 10 years memory period after power cut off.

Ambient conditions: temperature range -30 oC to +70 oC, humidity less then 85%.

Energy Monitoring SocketEnergy Monitoring Socket

It provides a convenient, reliable measurement for the power consumption and data support to reduce it in electrical equipment. Its feature of the monitoring various electrical parameters makes it an ideal choice over the traditional sockets.

Data Concentrator (DSM40) represents wireless (via high-performance RF chips) information concentrator as key equipment in AMR systems.  It is using 32-bit ARM as processor supported by a large-capacity FLASH as storage memory. All managements, linked to the on-site meter are achieved through the concentrator which is in line with the PRC Power Industry Standard DL/T 698-1999 Technical Requirements of LV AMR System. It is very useful in solar panel arrays!

Data Collector (DSM30) is used to AMR System, including uplink transmission (RS485, or wireless) and downlink transmission (RS485), installed in the box for outdoor or indoor conditions, adjusted to the temperature range of-25 oC to +55 oC and the relative humidity less than 75%, supports PRC Power Industry Standard DL / T 698-1999 Technical Requirements of LV AMR System. It is very useful in solar panel systems!

Data Concentrator, Data Collector, Power Terminal, respectivelyData Concentrator, Data Collector, Power Terminal, respectively

Power Terminal (DSM 50) represents a last generation smart-power terminal directly designed for Demand-Side Management, where information is shared with mobile communication such as GPRS, CDMA, CSD, SMS, PSTN, Single Chip Microcomputer technology. It helps us in a managing data for the electricity sector, but also in tracing and on time reacting when the alarm starts warning of huge energy consumption.

Please, contact us to improve together your electrical system:

DSM China Technology Co., Ltd., Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Tel:  +86-755-86624093

Fax: +86-755-86624141

E-mail: sales@cndsm.com



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