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CHINA SOLAR LTD ( is a modern solar cell and solar panel professional manufacturer: of mono-crystal, poly-crystal and thin-film PV moduls. It also provides high-tech solar energy applications and low carbon solutions to the problems in everyday life. CHINA SOLAR focuses on the designing, manufacturing and salling of a full range of solar panels which make us one of the major players in the photovoltaic market in China. Our professional R&D team (which proved itself over a long period of time in a technology research) and advanced testing equipments give perfect technical support to every costumer. China Solar panels are suitable for numerous applications of many solar energy applications, such as off-grid PV grid-tied PV for either roof solar or ground mounted PV systems, solar LED lights, solar lanterns, solar flashlight, solar changer, etc. Here is the upload of our company’s profile.

China Solar Ltd. is located in the Longgang District of Shenzhen City in the Guangdong Province, the Republic of China. The factory is situated in an area of 42,000 square meters, consisted of three buildings, where work over 1000 workers, and 100 of them are professional qualified experts. In our production lines is made solar energy staffs that exceed the highest quality standards in the industry, with the best OEM service and long-period technical support. Our manufacturing capacity for amorphous silicon solar cell is 6 MWp, and for mono- & poly-crystalline solar cells is 20 MWp. In addition, we provide customized shapes solar cells & solar panels according to our customers’ specifications and requirements.

Mono-crystalline Solar Panels

Our goal is to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly solar energy solutions, which prolong the life cycle of our products. In order to avoid future demand for energy, solar power provides a clean, renewable and sustainable low emission energy alternative source, which helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. With other clean renewable sources, we can help shift society to a new cleaner and better future on Earth. CHINA SOLAR tends to maintain the highest standards in responsible manufacturing, as well as the society responsible corporation.

As started above, we provide the latest solar commercial products directly to our customers, moreover it is offered over 200 models of consumer products in our range. That means it could be manufactured any of customized small solar panel from 0.01Wp to 5Wp can be manufactured in all sizes, current, voltage and appearance customized by clients (these are very useful for solar gifts, solar flashlights, and solar changers). These PV modules can be cut into any shape necessary to fit the design.

China Solar poly-crystalline solar panelsPoly-crystalline solar panels

As a member of China’s Solar Industry, we belong to the biggest market of solar industries worldwide. The low costs and high efficiency of our PV modules have made them competitive in the world’s market today.

Mono and Poly Si PV module features:

  • commercial, residential (ground and roof solar systems) and utility scale applications,
  • easily mounted on ground, roof, building face (BiPV) or tracking system (one-axial or two-axial),
  • on-grid PV system educes electricity bill and creates energy independence,
  • modular, fully scalable and easily installed,
  • reliable free power generation,
  • environmentally friendly, reduce air, water and land pollution,
  • clean and quiet electricity generation,
  • lightweight and easy installation,
  • water-resistant junction box,
  • torsion and corrosion-resistant anodized frame.

Mono-Si (slightly more efficient than poly) and Poly-Si solar panels are the most common commercial type of solar panels on the market today, though their prices are the highest (expensive production) as well as their efficients. Monocrystalline PV modules have a large crystal of silicon, instead of one that, polycrystalline PV modules consist of multiple amounts of smaller silicon crystals.These types are the most efficient as in absorbing solar power and converting it into electricity, so they do somewhat better in lower light conditions then the others.

China thin-film solar panelsThin-film solar panels

In our labs we use Standard Testing Conditions (STC): AM1.5 illumination, 1000W/m², 25oC. We also design and produce customized solar cells according to customer’s specifications.

Amorphous solar module features:

  • mounted with aluminum or plastic frame reinforce it’s strength (corner sleeve to prevent PV modules from scratching)
  • front glass encapsulate with polymer materials on solar panel back side, weather proof and water proof (water shock, rust resistant)
  • ideal for deep cycle or multiple battery,
  • built-in blocking diode protects battery discharge at night,
  • maintenance Free/Easy installation,
  • work in all weather condition (including low light and cloudy conditions).

Portable Solar chargerPortable Solar charger

Amorphous solar panels are thin-like film of molten silicon spreaded directly across large plates. These types shows remarkable growth in the last few years, have lower efficiency then the other two types, and prices are the lowest in the world. An advantage of s-Si modules over the other two is that they are shadow insensitive-this means the PV module continues to charge while a part of it is in a shadow and gets less solar energy. This feature makes them great for boats and other types of transportation.

Our products warranty depends on different goods. The usual is 1 Year Limited Warranty. Beside that, we can replace defective products with new good ones on following order.

Custom shape modules can be cut into any shape necessary to fit every custom-designs. Mono-Si and poly-Si silicon solar cell are available. These shapes are the results of mutual efforts and our technical OEM service which greatly save the customers‘ time and cost.

shape solar panelsShape solar panels

PV module efficiency is the percentage of captured and converted solar energy. Here are the approximate percentages for each of our type: Monocrystalline has around 17%, polycrystalline is 15%, thin-film has around 8% (low manufacturing costs and versatility). They all give electricity in all weather conditions, including low light and cloudy weather.

Portable Multi-Purpose Solar Battery Power Charger is standby supply of energy using solar power in various occasions such as travel. It is compatible product with variety adapters for charging: iPod, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iTouch, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, mini-USB, PlayStation Portable (PSP).

solar flashlight and solar chargersolar flashlight and solar charger

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Office Address: 6th floor, Zhong Kang Pioneer Park, Zhong Kang Road, Shen Zhen City, Guangdong Province,

Factory Address: Longxi Hi-tech Industrial Park, Longcheng Road, Longgang Town, Shen Zhen City, Guangdong Province


Skype ID: kaxidy


OEM Service:

Tel: +86.755.8351 5659

FAX: +86.755.8271 6024


It is our sincere hope that we would have a chance to work with you!

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