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Infrared Roof Surveys for Residential Solar PV Systems

These days, solar PV systems are no longer being used solely for industrial and commercial applications. In fact, more and more homeowners are jumping on the solar panel bandwagon, and it’s easy to see why. Solar PV allows you to generate cheap, eco-friendly electricity from something we all have free access to—sunlight. You can then [...]

Solar cell

            Solar cells are semiconductor structures that convert solar radiation (sometimes called solar energy) over a wide wavelength range, into electricity. Solar cell itself is composed of a number of diodes, pn junction, which work in the fourth quadrant of the I-V output characteristic. Photovoltaic conversion generates electron-hole pair under [...]

solar panel diagram

Solar Energy

The Sun is an open fusion reactor, which turned every second about 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium (proton-proton chain), with the release enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy-solar energy that is sent into the space (discovered in 1938 as Hans Bethe). From a total of 3.8 × 10e26 W radiated energy by the Sun in [...]

Buying solar panels – an introduction

With the popularization of renewable energy sources, grows a need for knowledge on how to install and how much electricity power the solar energy system must provide. Here will be shown on a simple example what means the purchase of solar systems (PV – solar panels) and what data are requested from the customer. Yes, [...]

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