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Solar calculator

How much we need solar power from our solar panel system to obtain enough money for our electric bill? We just want to gain some money from our residential (grid-tied PV) rooftop PV modules! How much sun do we need to make a home solar power system worthwhile? In general, the more sun a home [...]

Solar Energy Applications

(In the photo is Solar Decathlon Universit├Ąt Darmstadt) Modern society shows a development trend and an increasing consumption. This makes the cost of living to change. The equivalent price of a pleasant life is the energy consumed per capita. It is a statistical parameter showing quality of life through the consumed energy that a country [...]

Solar power systems

Today’s households are traditionally linked to the local electricity distribution network. Energy is measured and delivered to customers, and accordingly that it is charged. However, modern man is showing an increasing interest towards energy independence which can reduce the inevitable cost of living. One of the main household account is an account for electricity used. [...]

Grid-tied PV system

Unlike to off-grid solar systems where a purchase of solar panels (see Buying solar panels) is based on needs for electricity, grid-tied (or grid-tie) photovoltaic systems rely on monetary or in some other values (such as CO2 or total annual electricity production). This type is characterized with connecting the solar system to the local power [...]

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