Buying solar panels – an introduction

RETScreen solar panelsWith the popularization of renewable energy sources, grows a need for knowledge on how to install and how much electricity power the solar energy system must provide. Here will be shown on a simple example what means the purchase of solar systems (PV – solar panels) and what data are requested from the customer. Yes, exactly that, a buyer must provide certain information in order to know the real strength and optimize the solar energy system. In fact, such purchase is different from the usual trade, because “playing with electricity is not  safe, and it is very dangerous”. In the world, anyone who deals with the computation and installing solar panels need to possess certain skills and certifications for such activities.
For instance, there are standards: NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ) which represents the North American continent, or a Master Certificate (Boots on the Roof creates and delivers training for leading manufacturers in the renewable energy industry), Figure 1. In addition, there are many institutes that provide training and verification of knowledge, such as HearSpring Learning Institute (HeatSpring Learning Institute is an education company focused on providing clean energy training to building professionals).

Boots on the roof solar panels

Figure 1. “Boots on the roof” solar panels

Website RoofSolarPanels focuses its media potential to presentation solar energy, with special reference to many comercial solar power elements (PV moduls, invertors, batteries, chargers, cables, fuses, ets) and solar kits. Furthermore, it also contains descriptions of important facts that indicate the renewable technology competitiveness over the traditional energy resources. In order to introduce what it means to invest and exploit green energy is desirable to know something about the parameters of ROI and Feed-in Tariff. Every step toward the purchase of solar panels must has a previous analysis of how, what and how much is it necessary, and here is a free opportunity to do that with Solar Calculator!

Residential Installation, Black Label Solar Modules

Figure 2. Residential Installation, Black Label Modules

When a buyer, future owner, decides for solar panels, at the start must know that he or she have to prepare a certain amount of money which at first glance gives the impression of a large and profitable investment. That is why, everyone should know there are grid-tie or grid-connected systems,  which ensure your new power facility connected to the local distribution network, making you a producer of subsidized electricity (solar power). Of course, for this energy system is necessary permits and contracts to electricity companies.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of autonomic system, off-grid, which is more expensive, up to 40% of the previously described, but it can provide independence and set up anywhere where sun light is. In their electrical system has an additional battery bank (no batteries for vehicles, trucks, cars, etc) and a battery charge controllers.

solar energy world map

Figure 3. Solar Energy World Map

The first thing each any interested party-the buyer needs to know or to determine the position and the place where some solar panels would be placed. This means to determine the best place with the most sun during the year and with less or no shadows on them, also an angle against the horizon. Then, if a mounting on the roof is specified, a way of ventilation (especially at BIPV systems). Some companies even require a digital image of the field (photo), or better yet, do some measurements right there where the solar panels would be installed. Because of that, it must be said to vendor a location of house, warehouse, building, field, etc.

This is solved by giving the name of place or city to vendor, which allows its latitude and longitude obtained be determined.  Engineers use this data in simulator, performing an optimization of the whole system, with the aim of determining the available solar energy, Figure 3.

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  1. green energy says:

    You’ve got great insights about solar energy, keep up the good work!

  2. cheap solar panels says:

    Please consider including a pricelist for PV solar panels and grid tie systems.


  3. solar installers uk says:

    Renewables are completely the way to go, Solar PV panels have gotten cheaper in the past few years and will continue to do so. While large scale, solar towers are just brilliant. Free energy and the ability to store it.

  4. Darren O Loane says:

    I am interested in importing roof solar panels to the uk how much would these be and what guarantees can you provide please

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