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Broosha Solar LCC. ( ) company is leaded by a team of professionals with technical and business expertise who have collectively more than 60 years of experience in the high tech industry, especially in the solar power projects. We promote conservation and the adoption of clean energy (like solar energy, wind energy, biogas, etc.) bringing to market the best products manufactured by environmentally responsible companies in a safe and healthy environment. Our management team has a long experience in the semiconductor market (both in technical and business management positions), in dealing with governmental agencies, in the high-tech industry, in marketing and sales.

Customers from whole world contact us to manage all aspects of the solar power plant installation (both solar off-grid and grid-tied systems) and energy plant management. We have in-house expertise in contract management and technology, complemented with that of our partners and suppliers.

Solar Panels Line Card

BrooshSolar’s Solar Panels Line Card

Broosha Solar has been a member of the Sunny PRO Club (this is a professional partnership agreement that gives rapid access to technical assistance and support) since 2009.

We provide:

  • Feasibility study,
  • Preparation and filing of the documentation necessary to obtain permits,
  • Identification of suppliers whose products best fit the requirements of the specific project,
  • Contractors outsourcing,
  • Construction management,
  • Health & Safety compliance,
  • Final inspection and certification of eligibility to obtain feed-in-tariff and other available incentives.

Our qualifications are:

  • Experience in the renewable energy industry (especially in Solar Panel Industry),
  • Modeling the ROI (return on investment) for the solar power installation,
  • Ability to develop business with commercial and utility customers,
  • Strong professional communication.

Inverters Line Card

Inverters Line Card

Services we offer:

  • Counseling in photovoltaic, biogas and wind power plants with special focus on manufacturer’s liability,
  • Assistance for the application process for grants and incentives of the EU and local administrations,
  • Counseling during the building phase of power plants,
  • Legal entity structuring in compliance with the Italian official supervisory organism (ISVAP),
  • Advising on adhering to the ethical codes and compliance models,
  • Arbitrations and mediation for civil and corporate financial.

Depending on the customer’s position, they should expect our help to gain leasing or do selling; to obtain project design and engineering; to purchase solar panels, inverters, mounting systems; to bring the best installers on the field.

Mounting System Line Card

Wind and Solar Power Plant Mounting System Line Card

Broosha Solar offers propositions:

  • Photovoltaic components commercialization:
  • Distribution and resale of PV solar modules, inverters and mounting systems
  • Pre- and post-sale assistance
  • Quality checks (visits and certification of manufacturing sites)
  • Source inspections at the manufacturing site
  • Contracts preparation and negotiation

If you are interested in renewable energy projects we can provide professional product introductions, market strategy and research, power plant design and execution, installation services and “Turn-key” solutions!

Contact us for additional information about us and the services of our reputable partners at:

Italy Office – Rome: Tel. +39 06.92917560 / 06.92947786 , Email:

USA Office – San Jose: Tel: +1 408 821-3849 , Email:

China Office – Chaoyang: Tel: +86 10 85271130, Email:

Our primary purpose is to take care of our customers, and dedication to the delivering the best customer service!

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