ANSOLE Days ( are being organized in a yearly international gathering by ANSOLE. It is a FORUM of knowledge exchange among non-experts, scientists, researchers and industrial experts, all of them are dedicated to promote the using of solar energy in particular and other forms (like off-grid PV systems and grid-tied PV systems) of renewable energies in Africa. Energy is an acute problem in Africa, so there is need to preserve and protect the environment. Therefore, the first ANSOLE DAYS 2012 with the topic “Solar Energy for Sustainable Development” will be held in Yaoundé (the administrative capital of Cameroon), from the 17th to the 19th of February 2012. The meeting will consist of fundamental sessions on various forms of solar energy conversation, oral and poster presentations of research results, presentations of networks in green energies and environmental protection, brain-storming round table discussions. African solar energy researchers are suitable for interdisciplinary interactions among african scientists, the only way to get out of the energy crisis, and our colleagues from abroad are going to support us and help in making better future for Africa.

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ANSOLE DAYS 2012 will also attend the first general assembly of ANSOLE, and the first meeting of the advisory board members one year after the constituting meeting in Linz (On the 4th of February 2011, a meeting in the form of a mini-symposium was held at the Linz Institute of Organic Solar Cells of the Johannes Kepler University Linz), Austria. After a year of ANSOLE’s existence this is an opportunity to see what has done and to plan for the future. The goals and objectives defined previously include researches and economic aspects of solar energy market.

The main aims of ANSOLE are:

1)  training and education in solar energy,

2)  research activities in the field of solar power among African scientists,

3) promotion and encouraging the use of solar energy in Africa.


  • Solar Energy for Sustainable Development,
  • Various aspects of renewable energies,
  • Sustainable Energetics University Education,
  • Solar energy research in African countries …

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Abstract submission: 30th September 2011

Registration: 15th October 2011

Invited Speakers:

  • Yao Azoumah (Burkina Faso)
  • Nadia Camaioni (Italy)
  • Gerhard Gobsch (Germany)
  • Nina Helm (Germany)
  • Joachim Möller (Germany)
  • Dieter Meissner (Estonia)
  • Serdar Sariciftci (Austria)
  • Gregoire Sissoko (Senegal)
  • B. Fankam Tantche (Greece)
  • Yohannes Teketel (Ethiopia)
  • Lesley Tobin (UK)


African scientists, researchers and students are exempt from registration fees and other costs!  They have to submit their completed registration paper and abstract together with their CV and a short letter (or email) of motivation to the organizers before the deadline.

Scientific Committee Chairman:

  • Samuel Domngang (Cameroon)
  • Fon Abi (Cameroon)
  • Abdelfettah Barhdadi (Morocco)
  • Amel Benfredj Romdhane (Tunisia)
  • Nadia Camaioni (Italy)
  • E. Manguelle Dicoum (Cameroon)
  • Daniel A. M. Egbe (Austria)
  • George Elambo Nkeng (Cameroon)
  • Gerhard Gobsch (Germany)
  • César Kapseu (Cameroon)
  • Joseph Kenfack (Cameroon)
  • Joachim Möller (Germany)
  • Samir Romdhane (Tunisia)
  • Serdar Sariciftci (Austria)
  • George Sissoko (Senegal)
  • André Talla (Cameroon)
  • P. Woafo (Cameroon)
  • Teketel Yohannes (Ethiopia)


Organizing Committee

Host of the event: Oumarou Bouba (Cameroon)

International Chairman: Daniel A. M. Egbe (Austria)

Local Chairman: Jean-Marie Bienvenu Ndjaka

Vice Local Chairman: George Elambo Nkeng

Treasurer of ANSOLE DAYS 2012: Pauline Bihege (Cameroon), Ludovic Etoundi (Cameroon), T. C. Kofane (Cameroon), César Kapseu (Cameroon), Joseph Kenfack (Cameroon), Patrice Mbaya (Cameroon), Joseph Ndop (Cameroon), Emelda Ngufor Samba (Cameroon), Samir Romdhane (Tunisia), André Talla (Cameroon).

Download ANSOLE DAYS 2012 poster!

International solar companies interested to participate should contact the ANSOLE coordinators, emails are: , ,

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