Access Solar Limited

Access Solar

Access Solar Limited ( was established in the year 2005. Access Solar is the brain child of Technocrats committed to take on challenges in reducing CO2 emissions, a green house effect by banking on Solar Panel (PV) Technologies. We are a team of dedicated professionals with over 20 years of expertise in the solar energy field.

Access Solar provides the products with cutting edge solar power technology and of the highest quality, and manufactures the product range from 3wp to 255Wp solar panels with annual capacity of 18MWp and having expansion plan up to 100MWp. Access Solar manufacturing site centrally located in Hyderabad, India follows the stringent production quality assurance programs and is staffed by highly-trained manufacturing experts. Our PV Modules with Mono or Poly Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells and other key materials sourced from the world’s renowned manufacturers of Europe and USA.

Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns (

Access Solar has developed customized software simulators, project management tools for Solar EPC projects. Our gamut of services are comprehensive, consisting of design proposal, detailed project report, sight survey, installation and commissioning apart from offering long term service and maintenance support in solar power projects.

Access Solar has a very effective quality system which has proven record of consistently maintaining quality assurance and checking up-to-date. We have established in-house facilities with state of the art climatic chambers, quality checking instruments, solar power simulators, methods and sophisticated laboratories for our solar panels. Therefore, we have credibility and reliability as a key partner in the solar energy market. As a manufacturer of PV Module, the best quality can be brought in every solar energy system, capabile to execute megawatt scale turnkey projects to explore the vast opportunities that exist in the solar energy sector.

Access Solar Panels

Access Solar Panels

Our products support national and international standards: The Company having certifications of RDSO, MNRE, DGS&D, ISO 9001-2008 and our solar panels conform to International Standards IEC 61215 Ed.2, IEC 61730 Safety class-II from TUV Rheinland Germany. Advantage of Access Solar Limited and SPV Module:

  • High quality products (solar panels, LED lights, solar collectors, solar laterns),
  • Products manufactured under very effective QMS and proven record of consistently maintain QA and QC Up-to-date,
  • Ready available stocks for the time committed deliveries,
  • Believes only in customer supportive service,
  • Highly professional and proved technician team,
  • Well equipped solar testing facility.

Procurement and Construction (EPC) Capabilities

Procurement and Construction (EPC) Capabilities

Access Solar Limited offers Solar LED Street Lights which present the perfect and cost-effective solution for streets, security, roadways, parking lots for outdoor  general  area  lighting  applications. Solar LED lights can be more economically  viable and  efficient  in areas where the  cost  of  providing electricity is expensive due to non availability off-grid solar power or in remote areas or in unreachable terrains. The LED Lights have low  power consumption, very long life-span,  (>50,000 hrs ) and represent a good  alternative to LPS (Low Pressure Sodium), CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps. Unlike LPS lamps that produce a yellow-orange light, using LED technology supported by solar panel off-grid or grid-tied PV systems, LEDs generate a very powerful and  targeted  crisp white light of excellent quality, making excellent night illumination.

Solar LED Street Lighting SystemSolar LED Street Lighting System (

Access Solar provides high quality installations for both domestic and industrial purposes, offering cost effective solar products. In our projects is a special offer of a wide range of Roof Top Solar  Power  Packs.  We provide advanced systems to ensure the continuous power to your premises and other installations. The solar power pack finds wide range of applications in ATMs , Call Centers, Farm Houses, Fuel Pump Stations, Hotels, R&D centers, Transmission, Communication Buildings and Towers, and Rural Village Electrification, etc. PV Modules are manufactured using semi-automatic manufacturing line with latest solar cell technologies of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline types, and their performance parameters are under Standard Test Conditions (STC) @ 1000W-m², AM 1.5, 25° C). That obtains the photovoltaic modules satisfy universal standards: EC 61215 Ed.2 1000V & UL 1703 600V.

Roof Solar Panels Packs

Roof Solar Panels TOP Packs

PV Module Technical Datasheet Download!

Access Solar is guided by professionals who have been developing solar modules and systems for over 25 years. These experts have extensive experience in all areas of manufacturing, design and installation meeting world class standards, providing high quality system and installation. Access Solar`s reach experience allows good offers for low costs with effective solar products.

Contact us at:

ACCESS SOLAR LIMITED, S-5, Phase II, T.I.E, Balanagar, Hyderabad – 500 037, Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel: +91 – 40 – 23076010, +91 – 40 – 23076271

Emails: , ,

We hope we will quote prices competitively and looking forward to receive your valuable order and with this introduction we look forward to serve you in near future endeavor.

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