Solar panels on your rooftop can slash an electricity bill, but also sell energy to the power companies.

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In modern times man’s energy needs are greatly increased, especially in the last 40-50 years with a trend of continuous growth in energy consumption. As the existing sources of energy are based on fossil fuels, ie. non-renewable resources, has began to be maximally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of electricity, the problem of her lack and increase in price has became more certain (one of the important factors of growth of electricity prices). Building new power plants is expensive, last too long, and perhaps as the most important is they emit CO2, affecting the local and the global warming of the atmosphere. Solar power plants can and must help in overrun incoming problems.

In order to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in the European Union has been launched a project “Green Energy“ which is based on the development and implementation of alternative sources. As such, the systems have been developed worldwide to extract energy from the sun light-solar energy (solar collectors, solar panels and solar concentrators, solar architecture), wind (windmills), water (hydro, wave power, geothermal energy, moreover it goes so far as to take advantage of tides) and biomass. Namely, the renewable resources do not emit harmful substances into the environment, making them environment friendly, reducing the greenhouse effect, and greatly facilitate the work and life of modern man. For any state that brings additional benefits. Participation of RES provides a sustainable energy system.

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And now, even more in the future, it is necessary to educate people, at both informative and the expert level, with the aim of making the idea of alternative energy sources and its implementation be closer on the one hand, and environmental aspects of its interaction with the environment, on the other. This requires further efforts and investment in education, and perhaps industrial production programs. For this purpose we have launched this website, with the presentation of various commercial products related to technology of solar panels and solar cells, solar off-grid and grid-tie systems.

We hope that visitors will find useful information and products for their photovoltaic systems, at very reasonable prices. Any suggestions, constructive comments (Contact) are welcomed not only to improve the website, but also the knowledge that readers will get .




The RoofSolarPanels website has an educational goal, as well as popular. The information are publicly available in the form of posts with intend to popularize and make them closer to everyone. The individual problems related to solar panels, inverters, batteries, charger, etc., could be avoided if a costumer is well informed and has better goods offer.

Populist goal is achieved through the relevance and influence of the website in the field of information on utilization of solar energy worldwide. Increasing popularity of the content increases the frequency and a scope of the solar business, so that all are welcome if they want to cooperate with us to make it be faster.

The vision of the RoofSolarPanels is to become a recognizable website on solar energy in the IT world. At this aim, there are opportunities for the cooperation with any interested organizations, companies, and individuals. Any well-intentioned idea is desirable and welcome; there are opportunities for affirmation. “Let rays of Sun shine on our way!


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